A Word From Charles Marshall!

November 18, 2011

A Word from Chuck Marshall

Chuck Says make sure you get signed up with my Empower Network team to take
advantage of my F.R.E.E Co-op. Go to
just wanted to share a quick update with you in regards to ZNZ
and Empower Network, before you started your weekend.
This is getting extremely exciting. I’ve only been promoting
Empower Network for 8 days and have already built a $4,425 a month
residual income with it. Which, if you recall from my last video I
sent you just 4 days ago, that is about 2.5 times what I had
made at that point. That means my income more than doubled with EN
in just 4 days! How crazy is that? The company has just launched
about 2 weeks ago, and has paid out around $700,000 to well over
6,000 members now.
But it isn’t just me making the money in my team. I’ve already had
8 or 9 sales roll up to me from my teammates who are in and making
money too! The comp plan here is incredible, which is why
I’m giving my co-op shares away for free! I want you to come in,
stay in,and keep making more money. The more you make, the more I make
too, so I’m giving away the marketing free!
Also, for those who are working with me in ZNZ, using my Online Pay
Day System, EN is a perfect opportunity to share with your ZNZ
Team. In fact, we will be integrating the option to join EN, into
our OPDS back offices shortly.
And as a quick ZNZ update for you, I also made another $1,346 in
the last 6 days or so as well. So, over all, it was a nice $5,700
week here w/ZNZ and Empower Network.

Make sure you get signed up with my Empower Network team to take
advantage of my F.R.E.E Co-op. Go to:





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